Jennie Liljefors

Jennie is a mother of three girls and lives outside Stockholm. She loves to spend time with her family in nature and by the sea, her greatest sources for inspiration. Jennie ran Altromondo yoga studio in Alassio, Italy for seven years before bringing the concept to Sweden. In 2014 Altromondo yoga studio opened it’s doors on Grev Turegatan 18 in Stockholm. The word “altromondo” means “another world” in Italian and symbolizes that the meeting with yoga can help us open to our inner worlds.

Jennie is a highly appreciated yoga teacher with over twenty years of teaching experience. Her teaching has a mix of humor and depth and in every class she works with a new theme. She teaches anusarayoga, pregnancy yoga, postnatal yoga, yoga for fertility, yinyoga, restorative yoga, mediyoga and meditation. Jennie also works with Healing Yoga -  a therapeutic form of yoga (based on her book Healing yoga) focusing on the healing process from different types of trauma, both mental and physical.

Jennie is author of several books. In November 2017 Jennie released the appreciated book "Healing Yoga". The books content is on how we, with the power of yoga, can work with PTSD and actually heal. Her latest book, that came out in august 2018, is about pre- and postnatal yoga and labour work. In the book Jennie writes about her own experiences as mother and doula mixed up with her deep studies in the topic and many years of work with pregnancy yoga.

Jennie travels around Europe giving lectures and workshops. She is a highly appreciated public speaker and works closely with organizations focusing on PTSD. If you wish to book Jennie private or to your studio/company please email

"As I practice yoga, I practice living by meeting myself over and over again. Yoga is a gift from the very first beginning, it reawakens our vision of our inner light that never will burn out. The more we practice yoga the stronger the light will shine. Yoga helps us to slow down and creates space for growth within to blossom.” 


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