pregnancy yoga

Yoga is a great tool to help you accept the major changes that occur in both body and mind during, but also after a pregnancy. In Jennies latest book “Pregnancy Yoga” she goes through what happens in the body during and after pregnancy, how to perform pregnancy yoga and postnatal yoga (yoga after childbirth), how yoga can be a great tool during labour and how yoga and breathing can heal body and mind in a gentle way through the whole transformative process of becoming a mother.

In our modern society, the power and the magic of a pregnancy are easily forgotten and replaced with planned and medical strategies and Caesarean sections. The faith that we are able to give birth has in many ways disappeared, we have become afraid of confronting and feeling pain. But the pain we experience during labour is a natural and “positive” pain that step by step brings us closer to our first meeting with our child.

With a pedagogically designed yogaprograms, meditation exercises and breathing techniques to assist in pain relief, mixed with her deep knowledge of health during both pregnancy and time as a new mom, Jennie Liljefors describes yoga as a path to healing and well-being.

pregnancy course

The pregnancy yoga course runs 5 or 6 weeks. The three most important parts are, breathing techniques included breathing during labour, physical postures to strengthen the body and help to release tension and practicing relaxation.

Postnatal Course

The postnatal courses runs 5 or 6 weeks. Both mother and baby join. This course is a lovely course to help the new mother to relax, reinforce and bond with her baby.

Here you can book your pregnancy/postnatal yoga course with Jennie. She also gives private lessons, email .

"After taking part in Jennie's first daughter's birth, my way of seeing  and understanding on how fear of giving birth can be overcome with mental training, teamwork and breathing training…To be able to look forward to giving birth with more joy and confidence is one gift I would like to give every woman. I wish to say: 'Good luck and I hope you can trust that you have the force and knowledge you need to give birth... Along with Jennie's book you will have the greatest conditions."

- Gudrun Abascal, midwife

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